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UN Volunteers are one of the talent-management solutions available to the UN system and development community. Different categories of UN Volunteers are available, offering flexible solutions to the needs of United Nations entities, governments, public institutions and civil society organizations.
Calculate the proforma cost for a UN Volunteer

Calculate the proforma costs for a UN Volunteer.

Adèle Libam (Cameroon), UNV. Poverty Programme Coordinator in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
UNV Service Lines
Tailoring our support to the needs of UN partners
In order to actively involve more qualified UN Volunteers in development, humanitarian and post-conflict recovery operations, UNV makes available specific service lines to facilitate the prompt, target-driven mobilization of UN Volunteers across UN entities.

how we make a difference

UNV Strategic Framework 2018-2021
The current UNV Strategic Framework is dated from 2018-2021 and is the first strategic framework since the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
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    Per cent of our partners consider UNV as having a transformative impact on supporting community engagement and action.
UNV and the private sector
Through its alliances with multi-national companies and business networks, UNV has been applying corporate volunteering for decades to meet the talent needs of the United Nations. Growing numbers of private sector partners are joining forces with UNV through onsite and online corporate volunteering and by backing UNV projects and programmes.