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 You can contact UNV through the following channels:

Applicants and volunteer candidates

For volunteer-related enquiries, use the website chat function or find answers on the UNV Community page.

UNV Community page

UN host entities

For volunteer management-related questions, check out the new Unified Volunteering Platform Explore tab or the UN Partner Toolkit for hosting UN Volunteers.

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UN Partner Toolkit

UNV funding partners

For partnership enquiries, contact: partnershipsupport((at))unv((dot))org.

Find UNV representatives worldwide in the list below or select the relevant marker on the map.  Kindly use one of the above channels to contact UNV.

Arab States

Regional Office, Jordan | Olga Zubritskaya-Devyatkina, Regional Manager / Ouarda Derafa, Regional Portfolio Manager

Gulf Cooperation Council countries | Suzan Haddad, Programme Associate (based in Regional Office for Arab States, Jordan)

Egypt | Heba Nosseir, UNV Country Coordinator

Djibouti | Amira Mohamed, Support Officer

Iraq | Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, UNV Country Coordinator

Jordan | Noor Alhakim, UNV Country Coordinator

Lebanon | Yeranouhi Kejijian, UNV Country Coordinator

State of Palestine | Hani Hindiyeh, UNV Country Coordinator

Sudan | Baha Sharief, UNV Country Coordinator

Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Morocco Multi-Country Office | Olfa Borsali Ben Hamida, UNV Multi-Country Coordinator (based in Tunisia)

Yemen | Abdullah Al Duraibi, UNV Country Coordinator

Other countries are covered by the regional office.

Asia and the Pacific

Regional Office, Thailand | Christian Hainzl, Regional Manager / Dmitry Frischin, Regional Portfolio Manager

Afghanistan | Habiburrahman Abed, UNV Country Coordinator

Bangladesh | Sonia Mehzabeen, UNV Country Coordinator

China | Nancy Zhang, UNV Country Coordinator

Timor-Leste | Mario de Jesus Ximenes, UNV Country Coordinator

Fiji, Micronesia and Samoa, Pacific Island Multi-Country Office | Vanessa Macaraig Vudikaria, UNV Multi-Country Coordinator (based in Fiji) 

India | Sushil Chaudhary, UNV Country Coordinator

Lao People's Democratic Republic | Manithda Sithimolada, UNV Country Coordinator 

Myanmar | Yupa Nwe, UNV Country Coordinator

Nepal | Rina Pradhan, UNV Country Coordinator 

Pakistan | Waseem Ashraf, UNV Country Coordinator

Sri Lanka | Sharmalee Jayasinghe, UNV Country Coordinator

Other countries are covered by the regional office.

East and Southern Africa

Regional Office, Kenya | Lucy Ndungu, Regional Manager / Sarah Anyoti, Regional Portfolio Manager

Burundi | Beatrice Nibizi, UNV Programme Assistant

Ethiopia | Selamawit Tsige, UNV Country Coordinator

Kenya | Ann-rose Kogi, UNV Country Coordinator

Madagascar | Norah Razafimandimby, UNV Country Coordinator

Malawi | John Moyo, UNV Country Coordinator 

Mozambique | Carla Machavane, UNV Programme Analyst

Rwanda | Odette Bagitengire, UNV Country Coordinator

Somalia | Caroline Maweu, UNV Country Coordinator

South Africa, Botswana, eSwatini, Lesotho and Namibia Multi-Country Office| Anthea Hurling, UNV Multi-Country Coordinator (based in South Africa)

South Sudan | Dominic Ottoriano, UNV Country Coordinator; Mi Yeon Park, UNV Programme Manager, UNMISS 

Tanzania, United Republic of | Christian Mwamanga, UNV Country Coordinator

Uganda | Moses Mubiru, UNV Country Coordinator 

Zambia | Fridah Daka, UNV Country Coordinator

Zimbabwe | Caroline Majonga, UNV Country Coordinator

Other countries are covered by the regional office.

Europe and the CIS

Regional Office, Türkiye | Rimma Sabayeva, Regional Manager

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Lejla Helic, UNV Programme Officer

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan | Nikita Shabayev, UNV Country Coordinator

Kosovo (as per UN SCR 1244) | Blerim Azizi, UNV Country Coordinator

Moldova, Bulgaria and Romania | Lyubov Vasylchuk, UN Volunteer Partnerships and Mobilization Officer

Türkiye | Nil Memisoglu, UNV Country Coordinator

Ukraine | Yuriy Savko, UNV Country Coordinator

Other countries are covered by the regional office.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Regional Office, Panama | Hilda Paparoni, Regional Manager / Bart Tilkin, Regional Portfolio Manager

Bolivia | Cyra Daroca, UNV Country Coordinator

Brazil | Renata Farias, UNV Country Coordinator

Colombia | Claudia Godoy, UNV Country Coordinator

Ecuador | Rocio Vergara Chalhoub, UNV Country Coordinator

Guatemala | Claudia de San Roman, UNV Country Coordinator

Haiti | Darline Monfort, UNV Country Coordinator 

Honduras | Manuel Hernandez, UNV Country Coordinator

Mexico | Pablo Bayas, UNV Country Coordinator 

Peru | Oscar Malaga, UNV Country Coordinator

Venezuela | Abelina Caro, UNV Country Coordinator

Other countries are covered by the regional office.

West and Central Africa

Regional Office, Senegal | Veronique Zidi-Aporeigah, Regional Manager / Paul Menye, Regional Portfolio Manager

Benin | Martin Sodji, UNV Country Coordinator

Burkina Faso | Thomas d'Aquin Georges Yameogo, UNV Country Coordinator

Cameroon | Agnes Josette Rachel Okodombe, UNV Country Coordinator

Central African Republic | Beranger-Cadid Mokoyouko, UNV Country Coordinator; Jan Snoeks, UNV Programme Manager, MINUSCA

Chad | Nafou Jeremie Zianserbe, UNV Country Coordinator

Congo & Gabon | Ketsia Saya, UNV Country Coordinator, Guy Quentin, UN Volunteers Partnerships and Mobilization Specialist (in Gabon)

Congo, The Democratic Republic | Fidele Kasagwe, UNV Country Coordinator; Davy Moundougou, UNV Programme Manager

Côte d'Ivoire | Anna Fanny, UNV Country Coordinator

Gambia | Ndieunde Gueye, UNV Country Coordinator

Ghana | Francis Ofosu, UN Volunteer Partnerships and Mobilization Specialist

Guinea | Fatoumata Koumba Dieng, UNV Country Coordinator

Guinea-Bissau | Diva Biai, UNV Country Coordinator

Liberia | Doris Maholo Saydee, UNV Country Coordinator

Mali | Sory Ibrahim Mariko, UNV Country Coordinator; Vacant, UNV Programme Manager, MINUSMA

Mauritania | Abderrahmane Yahya Cheikh Sidiya, UNV Country Coordinator

Niger | Nana Haouah Hassoumi, UNV Country Coordinator

Nigeria | Veronica Obiuwevbi, UNV Country Coordinator

Sao Tome and Principe | Paula Vera Cruz, UN Volunteer Partnerships and Mobilization Specialist

Senegal | Ndieunde Gueye, UNV Country Coordinator

Sierra Leone | vacant

Togo | Abla Pyabele Amana-Amoussou, UN Volunteer Partnerships and Mobilization Specialist

Other countries are covered by the regional office.

Marker colours signify the nature of the UNV representation in a given location.

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