UN Volunteer professional profiles: National UN Volunteers

This professional profile shows the minimum requirements to serve as a national UN Volunteer, and highlights potential assignments as well as volunteer entitlements.

National UN Volunteers come from all walks of life. In the health sector UNV’s partners have requested volunteers knowledgeable and experienced as general medical practitioners, medical specialists and doctors specialized in public health; staff counselors and psychologists; midwives and nurses, dentists, pharmacists and laboratory technicians.

Other functions in demand include: protection, resettlement/reintegration/repatriation, refugee status determination officers, monitoring, evaluation and reporting specialists, programme development and project management specialists, public information and communication specialists, rule-of-law, judicial monitoring, access to justice, security sector reform, policy specialists, statisticians, community mobilization experts, entrepreneurship and employment.

In technical and support areas: aviation, movement and transport control, ICT and telecommunication, civil engineering, supply management, logistics and procurement, human resources and training of trainers.