UNV COVID-19 Support in ROAS during 2020.jpeg

COVID-19 Offer for the Arab States

In 2020, 167 UN Volunteers, 62 per cent of them women, provided COVID-19 Support in the Arab States to 16 partner UN entities. Going forward, explore UNV's offer for COVID-19 support by country below.

Check out UNV's Offer for COVID-19 support in Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, the Maghreb States, the State of Palestine, Sudan and Yemen.

COVID-19 is testing the resilience of communities at an unprecedented scale. It has exposed vulnerabilities in healthcare capacities, markets and jobs, welfare systems, political agility, the inclusion of disadvantaged groups, community cooperation, and more. Volunteering is key to ensuring new development patterns in the post-COVID world are inclusive, resilient and advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. --Jason Pronyk, UNV Regional Manager for Arab States