UN Volunteers in Bor provide bedding supplies for Bor Central Prison.
UN Volunteers in Bor provide bedding supplies for Bor Central Prison. (UNV, 2017)

Giving back to the community in South Sudan

A team of UN Volunteers came together to touch the lives of the people they serve in South Sudan by embarking on a special personal donation drive to mark International Volunteer Day in Jonglei.

There are 27 volunteers serving in the Jonglei region for the United Nations Mission in South Sudan. They decided to make their special day about others rather than themselves in the spirit of volunteerism, which is all about giving.

They gathered together to buy clothing, shoes, bedding and other relief items for expectant and new mothers at the Bor State hospital maternity ward. The gifts included 80 sets of new bed linen, 30 blankets, dignitary kits for 15 expectant and new mothers, cleaning products, toiletries, towels and other basic items to make their experience a bit easier.

The acting director of the hospital, Dan Ayual, said the generous demonstration of support was typical of the spirit of volunteerism shown by the UN team in its work serving communities across Jonglei.

This is a very kind gesture - taking money from your pockets to buy and present the hospital with all these materials. It is very kind of you all,” he said.

The Jonglei volunteers also visited the Bor central prison where a chicken-rearing scheme designed to help inmates earn a living for themselves and their families in future was launched with 26 chickens, including cockerels, donated for the project.

Other donations were made, including huge bales of clothing for the inmates, dignitary kits for 15 women at the correctional facility, cleaning materials, toiletries, towels, as well as 17 mattresses and 70 sets of bed linen to provide a bit more comfort for the prisoners. New digital thermometers were also gifted to the prison health centre.

Prison Director, Brigadier General Manyok Jok Majok, said the gifts were very thoughtful and would make a big difference to the lives of the inmates.

Your donation has shown that the world and communities out there have not forgotten the prisoners here and we all say thank you,” he said.

“We are particularly happy with the chicken project because this will be a good source of income once the chicken start laying eggs and multiply in number. I thank you all on behalf of everyone here and the people in the prison.”