Are you ready to become a national UN Volunteer?
Are you ready to become a national UN Volunteer?
Would you like to contribute to the development of your own country and work with others like yourself who have a desire to accelerate your nation’s development and promote peace? Apply now to become a national UN Volunteer.
  • National UN Volunteers are invaluable assets to the work of the United Nations, particularly at the community level where they usher in greater ownership of programmes and projects.
  • Serving with a UN entity, you can share your knowledge of local languages and culture and bring an insider’s understanding of social and economic conditions.
  • As a national UN Volunteer, you will make a positive impact on your homeland, while working with people from around the world, including international UN Volunteers and United Nations staff.
  • Join us now and help your country move faster toward reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • National UN Volunteers are entrusted with a wide variety of roles and their duty stations range from capital cities to remote villages.
  • There is no typical profile for a national UN Volunteer. Each national UN Volunteer assignment is unique, and each has its own specific requirements.
  • The minimum age for a national UN Volunteer is 18. UN Community Volunteers do not require academic or professional experience. However, for other national UN Volunteer categories, the assignment may request higher education and professional competency. Kindly refer to the Description of Assignment for details.
  • Becoming a national UN Volunteer is also possible for non-nationals residing legally in the host country with the status of refugees or stateless persons (if this is permitted under national laws).

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  • National UN Volunteers receive a volunteer living allowance to sustain a basic, adequate and safe lifestyle. This allowance is adjusted based on national UN Volunteer category and may vary from one location to another, depending on local living costs.
  • However, all national UN Volunteers in the same category (Community, University, Specialist, Expert) in the same location receive the same allowance
  • A one-time Entry Lump Sum helps volunteers meet initial expenses upon commencing duties of their assignment.
  • National UN Volunteers who need to move to take up their role in a new duty station will receive funds in support of their travel.
  • Kindly refer to the new Unified Conditions of Service in English, French and Spanish. Serving volunteers may refer to the Changes to the UN Volunteer Conditions of Service and update on the Unified Volunteering Platform published in advance of the launch of the same on 1 October 2021.

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  • UN Volunteer assignments are advertised on our Unified Volunteering Platform.
  • In order to apply for assignments, candidates need to register in our Global Talent Pool.
  • The registration process follows a few simple steps, all of which must be completed before you can apply for onsite or online volunteering assignments.
  • You can update your UNV profile at any time, and you should access it at least once a year to keep it active.

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Volunteer Opportunities

UNV regularly publishes volunteer opportunities on its Unified Volunteering Platform. If you would like to apply, you will first need to create a profile on the platform. Some assignments are sponsored by funding partners and may have additional eligibility criteria.