Changes to the UN Volunteer Conditions of Service and update on the Unified Volunteering Platform

UNV is a unique organization that supports the UN system in mobilizing, advocating for and integrating volunteers in UN activities globally. The Conditions of Service for UN Volunteers constitute the legal framework of the relationship between UNV, UN host entities and the UN Volunteer, and their revision has been in process and in consultation since early 2020. 

UNV has revised the Conditions of Service for UN Volunteers to achieve two objectives: (1) to streamline the administration of UN Volunteers, with minimal changes to the proforma and entitlement packages, and (2) to strengthen equity across UN Volunteer entitlements. 

The new Conditions of Service were informed by consultations through the HR Network in February 2020 and a thorough analysis of all components and corresponding budgetary implications. The full text of the Conditions of Service is below, in advance of implementation from 1 October 2021. 


Unified UN Volunteer Conditions of Service


Conditions of Service – 18 changes

Transition Plan

Updated 2023 proforma costs for UN Volunteers 

Proforma Guide 2023 

Volunteer Talent Solutions (Flyer-2023)

Volunteer Talent Solutions (Flyer-2022)  

As part of UNV’s Digital Transformation and continued streamlining of volunteer management, UNV will be launching a Unified Volunteering Platform on 1 October 2021. This is an AI-powered cloud-based platform to facilitate all elements of UN Volunteer and Online Volunteer recruitment and management. The platform will be a single-entry point for candidates, serving UN Volunteers, and United Nations and funding partners. 

Unified Volunteering Platform – What's in it for UN partners