UNV partnering with IOM

Since 1991, the UN Migration Agency (IOM) has been partnering with the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme to protect the rights of migrants. Between 2012-2022, 720 UN Volunteers served with the entity, supporting IOM’s mission to enhance the humane and orderly management of migration and the effective respect for the human rights of migrants in accordance with international law.

How does the recruitment of UN Volunteers add value to IOM?

As an efficient, speedy and diverse talent solution for UN partners, UN Volunteers serve with UN entities to bring people to the forefront of development, peace and humanitarian issues. UNV manages a pool of over 350,000 talented and qualified UN Volunteers who can be deployed to bolster the delivery of IOM’s programmes and support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

UN Volunteers, by the very nature of volunteerism’s inclusiveness, advance IOM efforts to enable the orderly management of migration with respect to the human rights of migrants and international law. They serve to address migration challenges with a hands-on approach to meet the needs of the most vulnerable and build national capacities that respond to humanitarian emergencies.

UN Volunteers serve within communities, making them well-placed to monitor and assess migration-related needs, research analyses and improve inclusive engagement for vulnerable groups.

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UN Volunteers serving with IOM

UN Volunteers are experienced personnel available to support IOM’s mandate. In 2022, over 83 per cent of UN Volunteers came from the global South, offering an understanding of complex local development challenges and societal norms. UN Volunteers can strengthen the impact, sustainability and inclusivity of development initiatives, fostering participation and generating local ownership.

How can your office recruit UN Volunteers?

UNV offers different categories of UN Volunteers to suit the needs of UN partners, such as international and national specialists, youth or online volunteers. UN Volunteers can serve from two weeks to up to four years, depending on the category of volunteer. UNV manages all contractual, legal and management aspects to help minimize the administrative impacts for the host organization.

To partner with UNV and recruit UN Volunteers to support IOM’s programmes and operations, contact the UNV Field Representation or Regional Office for guidance and support.

For further information, refer to UNV’s website at: https://toolkit.unv.org.

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