UNDP Accelerator Lab North Macedonia collaborated with Online Volunteers through the United Nations Volunteers' Online Volunteering Service.
UNDP Accelerator Lab North Macedonia collaborated with Online Volunteers through the United Nations Volunteers' Online Volunteering Service.

Collective intelligence for climate change

The UNDP Accelerator Lab in North Macedonia generates knowledge, tools, and ways of working related to the climate crisis. It also provides insights on topics including circularity, bio-waste, water scarcity and heat. Lucy A Tilley and Abdul Mustafazade are Online Volunteers brought onto the project through the UNV Online Volunteering Service. This is a story of their achievements as volunteers.

Lucy A Tilley, in collaboration with another Online Volunteer, Abdul Mustafazade, supported AccLab by designing communication materials, visuals and social media posts on collective intelligence, solidarity and crowd-mapping.

AccLab disseminated these materials on the UNDP website and social media platforms. This helped raise awareness on climate action, sustainable development and sustainable water management while also increasing the participation of local people.

Lucy had experience living in low and middle-income countries as well as in post-conflict settings. She knew the vitality of accessing sustainable water and energy. When Lucy saw the online volunteering opportunity with AccLab, she knew she would fit this role considering her background in Communication Design, Behavioural Science and Economics.

She believes that being creative and involving local people who have deep knowledge of the challenge helps with practical solutions.  

I am particularly interested in the practice of social participation and community engagement in generating new thinking for problem-solving and innovation. Local insight is invaluable for solutions.” Lucy A Tilley, Online Volunteer with UNDP AccLab North Macedonia.

Abdul holds a master’s degree in Digital Service Innovation which equipped him to intersect technology and innovation. He relies on the power of data and design and believes it to be impactful for results. During his online volunteering assignment, Abdul designed posters and other resources that would enhance the visual appeal of products and solutions developed by AccLab.

I was keen on becoming a part of such a dynamic and impactful organization that continually strives for positive change in communities around the world. I enhanced my ability to work in diverse settings with cultural sensitivity and in a collaborative manner. These skills are crucial in today's interconnected world.” Abdul Mustafazade, Online Volunteer with UNDP AccLab North Macedonia.

Lucy and Abdul collaborated directly with the UNDP team for three months. The efficient collaboration with Online Volunteers was highly appreciated by the entire UNDP team including Lazar Pop Ivanov, Head of Experimentation, Ardita Zekiri, Head of Solutions Mapping, and Igor Izotov, Head of Exploration, who had this to say, "The Online Volunteers we collaborated with proved to be easy to work with, very professional and contributed directly to the work of the UNDP country office and the Acceleration Labs for our visibility and communication."

Since its foundation in 2020, the UNDP Accelerator Lab (AccLab) in North Macedonia has encouraged partnerships for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Climate Change remains a primary focus.

As a Research and Development (R&D) unit, the AccLab took part in the NESTA Collective Intelligence Design Studio to learn what collective intelligence can do to tackle climate change locally and globally. Widening this collective intelligence also reveals the scope for shared learning and collaboration.

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