Plusieurs centaines de volontaires ont assisté à la cérémonie de la JIV, 100 d'entre eux ont prêtés serment pour leur nouvelle affectation comme volontaire nationaux (programme VNU, 2016)
Hundreds of volunteers were in attendance for the IVD ceremony. One-hundred of them made their pledges to serve as national volunteers. (2016 UNV Pprogramme ).

Celebrating International Volunteer Day in Mali in the Presence of Prime Minister Modibo Keita

The International Volunteer Day was celebrated in Mali and chaired by Prime Minister Mobido Keita who reiterated, in the presence of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme Deputy Executive Coordinator, Nicola Harrington, that the national authorities are committed to promote volunteerism.

The Prime Minister spoke enthusiastically about his clear commitment to create a spirit of volunteerism for the promotion of development activities in Mali and "to contribute in solving the social, economic, cultural and environmental problems in order to build a more just and prosperous society." In fact, the Malian Prime Minister sees volunteerism as "a strategy for implementing the government's projects and programmes in a spirit of participation based on the need for the socio-economic growth of communities.

During the ceremony, 100 national volunteers, including 60 women, pledged to serve in their new role as volunteers. This programme of deploying young national volunteers is a "precious tool for promoting in citizens the respect of societal values, values of tolerance, and of solidarity and humanism.  (...)  Young people should be in front and center of national development. (...) This role calls for qualities that they must cultivate such as the giving of oneself, unrelenting involvement, team spirit, and perseverance", stated the head of government, before addressing the volunteers directly by saying that these experiences would make them more open, more tolerant, and better prepared to face life's challenges.

This article was translated from french by the Online UN Volunteer Marguerite McMillan.

Bamako, Mali