Vannda Slout: Promoting equal access to education

Vannda Slout: Promoting equal access to education
10.05.2024 | 10:02

Vannda Slout: Promoting equal access to education

Vannda Slout is a UN Volunteer Technical Project Officer with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Cambodia. His motivation to volunteer stems from his desire to help persons with disabilities get equal opportunities in education and employment. “The key challenge for persons with disabilities is access to education,” he says.

Vannda provides technical support and guidance for projects at UNDP Cambodia and focuses on disability inclusion. He is working on the National Disability Strategy Plan for 2024-2028 and its related case studies. 

His assignment also includes finalizing a new disability law together with the local government. These projects not only expand Vannda’s professional development, but resonate with him on a deeper level – he feels he is part of something bigger and significant. 

Vannda has physical, visual and hearing disabilities. Working both with persons with disabilities and the government, he actively helps to improve disability inclusion in Cambodia in a variety of ways. For example, he supports individuals with disabilities expand their skillset and also highlights their challenges in a government setting.

He shares that despite government support, there is still a lack of understanding in Cambodia about disability-inclusive access to education, employment and other opportunities. 

His experience as a UN Volunteer has been positive. The learning from his colleagues on the scope of work within the UN system is a constant factor that informs his way forward.

He says communicating with relevant stakeholders in English has also improved his use of the language. 

Grateful for professional growth, adding to his knowledge on disability inclusion, and honing his project management skills through his volunteer experience at UNDP – Vannda encourages other persons with disabilities to take up volunteer action. 

Vannda Slout promotes equal rights for persons with disabilities and with that he becomes part of the change leading to a more inclusive environment for all.

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