International Volunter Day 2019 in Argentina

International Volunteer Day 2019 in Argentina

For International Volunteer Day 2019, we are having a "Volunteer in images" award and photography contest. This is an artistic solidarity initiative of the Volunteer Programme of the Directorate General for Strengthening Civil Society (Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina) and the Rumbo Sur Civil Association of Argentina. Initially, this was developed in 2011 in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the "International Year of the Volunteer", declared by the United Nations. The contest calls professional and amateur photographers, Argentines and residents in the country to participate and promote volunteering through images to express the essence and values ​​of this silent and transformative task: free will, commitment, solidarity and citizen participation.

This event is supported by various private organizations, local non-governmental and civil society organizations.

When: 5 December 2019, Buenos Aires