Young volunteers participate in the International Volunteers Day 2019 festival in Nairobi, Kenya. The festival featured awards presentation by UNDP Kenya to volunteers of the year from South and East Africa, the event was co-hosted by UNV.

Call for Online Volunteers: Join the 'Young Environmental Journalists'

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket - EPA), UN Development Programme (UNDP), and UN Volunteers (UNV) programme launch a second round of  the ‘Young Environmental Journalists’ campaign, to address environmental and human rights impacts in the mining sector in four resource-rich countries: Colombia, Kenya, Mongolia and Mozambique.

This joint campaign is aimed at empowering young volunteers between the ages of 18-31, to raise awareness about, and have a voice in decisions around management, and use of mineral resources.

The 70 selected ‘Young Environmental Journalists’ will work with the joint Swedish EPA-UNDP Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) to produce inspiring stories of change and build a strong network of young journalists and environmental and human rights defenders.

The best stories and interviews will be published by the Inter Press Service (IPS) and other media outlets in the four programme countries, including Kenya’s Daily Reporter and In-Depth News (IDN). The stories will be promoted via UN, UNDP, EGP website and on Swedish Environment Protection Agency platform.

Mining sector is a major cause of biodiversity and ecosystem loss in many developing countries. It can threaten the land use pattern and the ecosystem, putting in jeopardy the already endangered wildlife and increasing the risk of zoonotic diseases, such as COVID-19. Mining-related pollution is also a major source of environmental degradation and health problems.  


CRITERIA: To participate in the campaign, volunteers need to be

  • Between 18-31 years of age, and register with the UNV online volunteering platform.
  • Fluent in English and at least one of the local languages in Colombia, Kenya, Mongolia or Mozambique.
  • The process is open to all, regardless of citizenship but demonstrating knowledge about environmental and human rights issues in the targeted four countries will be an asset.
  • No traveling required.


Seventy selected candidates through the UNV online volunteering service will take part in online training courses, including the UNITAR course on environmental governance of the mining sector, and participate in a series of webinars with journalists, editors and experts from August to November 2020.


Nancy Wawasi (24 yrs) from Mombasa, Kenya, was one of the participants in the 2019 edition of the campaign. Nancy says, “I am passionate about journalism because I can impact and touch the lives of millions by just doing what I love”. 

María Fernanda Cruz Aguilar (20 yrs) joined the campaign from Medellin, Colombia, says, “I want to show the rest of the world the amazing stories we have here about strength, courage and resilience because I love my country and its people”.

For Zacarias Filipe Chicuio (25 yrs), from Búzi, Sofala Province, Mozambique, participating in the campaign was “the very first chance to develop my skills in group working, showing interest in issues I always expected to deal with”.

For more details on requirements, check the calls for volunteers in Colombia, Kenya, Mongolia and Mozambique:

The online volunteers who complete the mandatory online courses and participate in all virtual meetings will receive a certificate from UNV, UNDP and the Swedish EPA. They will also receive a certificate from the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).  

More information:

At UNDP: Sangita Khadka, email: sangita((dot))khadka((at))undp((dot))org, Communications Specialist, UNDP, New York.

At UNV:  Amina Abdel Rahman Mohamed Said, email: amina((dot))said((at))unv((dot))org, Communications Specialist, UNV, Bonn.