UN Partner Toolkit

Launching the new UN Partner Toolkit for hosting UN Volunteers

The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme manages a global talent pool of potential UN Volunteers who bring their motivation, commitment and a diversity of perspectives, experiences and cultures to enrich the UN system. Are you looking for experts to support your COVID-19 mitigation and response efforts? Interested in specialized UN Volunteers, like doctors, nurses, epidemiologists and more? Check out our newly launched UN Partner Toolkit for hosting UN Volunteers.

The UN Partner Toolkit is designed to guide you through the UN Volunteer journey and the various stages you and the volunteer will experience together during the assignment, from the beginning, until the end.

This toolkit will become your central reference point, where you can get the relevant information you need on-demand, at any time and from anywhere: policy, processes, checklists, templates, tools, guidance and resources.

Everything you need to know about the UN Volunteer journey is covered in our new interactive five-part online guidelines:Part I - Host a UN VolunteerPart II - RecruitmentPart III - OnboardingPart IV - ManagingPart V - Transition

Interested in recruiting UN Volunteers from UNV's global talent pool? Check out our new UN Partner Toolkit to start the process.