UNV's Executive Coordinator, Mr Toily Kurbanov (on screen), during the virtual mission with key UN and Chinese partners.
UNV's Executive Coordinator, Mr Toily Kurbanov (on screen), during the virtual mission with key UN and Chinese partners.

UNV and China to leverage volunteering for the SDGs

UNV's Executive Coordinator, Mr Toily Kurbanov, recently met with partners in China to explore ways to strengthen existing collaboration and expand partnerships. During a virtual mission, Mr Kurbanov explored the contribution of volunteerism to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with key United Nations and Chinese counterparts, as well as UN Volunteers serving in the country.

During the mission, Mr Kurbanov reiterated UNV’s support to the priorities of the UN Development System in China, as agreed for the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (2021-2025).

Accordingly, UNV will enhance volunteer mobilization and knowledge exchange for the advancement of South-South Cooperation, localization of the SDGs, youth empowerment and environmental protection, among other priority areas of engagement.

UNV's partnerships in China are growing on two tracks. First, UN Volunteers help implement UN programmes on poverty reduction, environmental protection and other areas within China, which remains the largest developing country in the world. Second, we facilitate international assignments of UN Volunteers from China to contribute to the implementation of SDGs across the globe. --Toily Kurbanov, UNV Executive Coordinator

During the mission, UNV's Executive Coordinator held meetings with the International Centre for Economic and Technical Exchanges (CICETE), Chinese Young Volunteers Association (CYVA), China Soong Ching Foundation (SCLF), China Soong Ching Ling Science and Culture Center for Young People (SCLSCC) and Beijing Volunteer Service Federation (BVF).

Mr Kurbanov acknowledged the outstanding service of UN Volunteers and the enabling environment provided for professional development by the UN agencies in China. He also lauded the support provided by Chinese volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He highlighted: "Our partnership with CYVA enables UN Youth Volunteers from China to support the UN's development work across the world. By sharing their knowledge, skills and passion, these volunteers make daily contributions to South-South Cooperation."

Mr Kurbanov emphasized the importance of the Chinese partnership for knowledge sharing on the SDGs and volunteerism through the UNV Knowledge Portal. He outlined UNV's collaboration with SCLF and SCLSCC on the development of training methodologies on volunteering for the SDGs and encouraged community exposure for localization of the same through the UN Community Volunteer modality.

UNV's Executive Coordinator highly appreciated the recent launch of the next phase of the joint partnership between UNV, UNDP, BVF and CICETE to promote sustainable urban development through volunteer service for the Beijing Winter Olympics. UNV aims to strengthen efforts for sustainable development of cities to host international sports competitions. The organization further looks forward to supporting China in developing an international collaboration network for volunteering in Olympic cities and opening new professional opportunities to enhance youth engagement in achieving the SDGs through volunteering. 

Also joining the mission, UNV's Regional Manager for Asia and the Pacific, Ms Shalina Miah said, "UNV appreciates the outstanding volunteer spirit and commitment of volunteers in China. We look forward to further excelling in our long-term partnerships."

UNV is committed to supporting Chinese partners in volunteering-related legislation, policy and programmes, exploring fully-funded deployments of volunteers and assisting with volunteering expertise and knowledge exchange with other UN Member States through global and regional platforms. 

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