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UNV launches revamped Online Volunteering service

UNV launched its new Online Volunteering service from Brazil. The global launch showed how organizations and volunteers can team up online to address sustainable development worldwide.

On 15 July, UNV will be launching its new Online Volunteering service from Brazil and in collaboration with the United Nations country team and the Samsung Latin American Office.
Brazil has been selected as the location for the global launch as the country ranks #4 worldwide for the number of UN Online Volunteers and has a high potential for growth in online volunteering activities in general.

Brazil has always been very supportive of Volunteerism as well as of South-South cooperation within and between regions, cooperation that UNV’s Online Volunteering service facilitates.

Lastly, inclusive multi-stakeholder partnerships have emerged as a necessity to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the first private sector partner of the Online Volunteering service is based in Brazil (Samsung Electronics Latin American Office).

The adoption of the SDG is a unique opportunity to shift to a development agenda that is more transformative, universal, inclusive and sustainable. In this regard, UNV wants to leverage its long experience in citizen engagement and technology based solutions to ensure volunteers and volunteerism of all forms are part of the SDGs implementation.

UNV recognizes that online volunteering is a global force for change. The global launch event will be an opportunity to discover how organizations and volunteers can team up online to effectively address challenges to sustainable development– anywhere in the world.

At the event, UNV will unveil the new Online Volunteering service website, which provides volunteers and organizations across the globe with an even faster, more inclusive and more appealing way to connect with each other and to join forces for peace and development.

Together with the redesigned website, UNV will launch two additional services. The 1-click query will allow organizations to reach out to half a million people to provide real-time data for their projects. UNV will also launch its new employee online volunteering solution for global companies, together with Samsung, its first official partner for this service.

A press conference will be held on July 15th, from 16:00-17:00 at Brasil21, featuring UNV Executive Coordinator Mr. Richard Dictus, Mr. Peter Poschen, UN Resident Coordinator a.i., Brazilian Agency for Cooperation General-Coordinator of Multilateral Cooperation, Mr. Márcio Correia, and Vice-President of Human Resources and Citizenship at Samsung Latin America, Mr. Francisco Cuesta.

Germany has a long-standing and dedicate commitment as a key donor to UNV and the Online Volunteering service, and Germany’s Ambassador to Brazil, Mr. Dirk Brengelmann, will also be present. Finally, a representative of an organization which has already utilized the Online Volunteering service with great success and the UN Online Volunteer, Ms. Karol Arámbula, will share their experiences.