Global Programmes: Innovation and Knowledge

The fundamental lack of understanding of the role of volunteering and the potential of volunteers in the face of global change must be tackled by unv and partners in order to bring the value to light in the new development era. this is done through consolidating innovation, advocacy and research. In the framework period, unv will lead in consolidating volunteer knowledge, advocacy and innovation as a convener on volunteer issues.

Given the critical gaps in the evidence base for the contributions of volunteerism to peace and development, a key focus during this Strategic framework period will be to work with partners from academia and other volunteerinvolving organizations to develop a global research agenda on volunteerism. this will involve strengthening collaboration and cultivating research in the global South, continuing the publication of the State of the World’s volunteerism reports, and enhancing the measurement of volunteering at national levels, especially in developing contexts. In this context, consultations will strengthen dialogue in areas that require evidence building to enable the positioning of volunteerism as a credible development paradigm.