Report of the Secretary-General: Support for volunteering (A/56/288)

The Report draws on the meetings on volunteering that have taken place in the context of the International Year of Volunteers. It recognizes the many-faceted dimensions of volunteerism with a bearing on economic and social policy in both developed and developing countries as well as on development and humanitarian assistance extended through the United Nations system. It is important to acknowledge the significant contribution of donor Governments through bilateral programmes as well as, of course, through support for programmes of the United Nations system itself. It also needs to be said that civil society, including non-governmental organizations, is greatly energized by volunteerism and draws on voluntary action to carry out its work. Increasingly, the private sector is seen as having a stake in volunteerism as one manifestation of corporate social responsibility. Creating an enabling environment for volunteerism to flourish calls for collaborative efforts on the part of all sectors of society.