UN Volunteer professional profiles: UN Youth Volunteers

This professional profile shows the minimum requirements to serve as a UN Youth Volunteer, and highlights potential assignments as well as volunteer entitlements.

UN Youth Volunteers can make an impact by improving access to and delivery of basic services, especially primary health care, HIV/AIDS and basic education, and enhancing community resilience and capacities for disaster risk reduction and for the environment, including for instance, by supporting community adaptation to climate change.

They contribute to peacebuilding through enhancing conflict resolution skills among children and youth and promoting community dialogues. UN Youth Volunteers assist in the establishment of new national and sub-national volunteer schemes and enhance the capacity of local partners to mobilize and manage volunteers more effectively.

Advancing the role of youth engagement in local and national economic, social and environmental progress, UN Youth Volunteers support the innovative initiatives of young people, developing creativity and facilitating decisionmaking. UN Youth Volunteers are particularly involved in the promotion of youth engagement in different areas of development and peace – from economic to environmental – and on every scale, from local to national. In addition, UN Youth Volunteer assignments provide an invaluable opportunity for the growth and personal development of the volunteer.