UNDP Governing Council Decision (84/43) - see pages 93-95 (UNV mentioned on pp. 94 and 95)

The Governing Council requests the Administrator to undertake a substantive review of the mandate, role and work priorities of the United Nations Volunteers and, taking into consideration the recommendations of the second United Nations Volunteers intergovernmental meeting, held at Maseru, Lesotho in November 1986, to submit his report to the Council at its thirty-fourth session and to include in the report, in the context of the 1988-1989 biennial budget, the Administrator’s recommendation on alternative financing modalities to meet the need for staffing United Nations Volunteers headquarters in relation to its workload, and to report also on his proposed consultations with the specialized agencies concerning compensation to United Nations Volunteers for service provided in identifying and fielding volunteers to work in agency-executed projects.