Suva, Fiji: On Monday 7 March UN Women organized an awareness-raising event in UN Park, Suva, where information about various gender issues was distributed from a number of different organizations and UN agencies, including the Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), where I am currently serving as a UN Volunteer. Monday morning was hot and sunny, and music contributed to the festive mood at the Park. A quiz about women’s progress was organized by UN Women, and a banner was set up to be signed by participants.

19 April 2011
Asia and the Pacific
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As Fiji prepares for elections in 2014, join the volunteer civic educators who are traveling around the country to inform people about democracy, their rights and to encourage women to get involved with decision-making. The National Initiative on Civic Eduction was set up to support democratic culture through Civic Education.

03 February 2011
Asia and the Pacific