SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals
The Prime Minister spoke enthusiastically about his clear commitment to create a spirit of volunteerism for the promotion of development activities in Mali and "to contribute in solving the social, economic, cultural and environmental problems in order to build a more just and prosperous society." In fact, the Malian Prime Minister sees volunteerism as "a strategy for implementing the government's projects and programmes in a spirit of participation based on the need for the socio-economic growth of communities.
10 December 2016
East and Southern Africa
SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals
International Volunteer Day 2016’s theme #GlobalApplause – give volunteers a hand, recognizes volunteers worldwide and all they do in making peace and sustainable development a reality.
05 December 2016
SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals
By Toily Kurbanov, UNV Deputy Executive Coordinator, Management Services On Monday, 5 December the world will celebrate International Volunteer Day, designated by the United Nations in 1985 to applaud the inspiration of millions of volunteers throughout the world and their contributions to peace and development. 
30 November 2016
Europe and the CIS