SDG 1: No poverty, SDG 4: Quality education, SDG 10: Reduced inequalities, SDG 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions, SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals
Asfia joined UNICEF Bangladesh in 2023. She brings a wealth of experience in early childhood education, play-based pedagogy, curriculum development, teachers’ professional development, and research.   As an Education Officer, Asfia regularly monitors classrooms. She gives feedback to teachers on widening their skills, refining teaching techniques, and promoting a positive learning environment. All of this directly impacts academic performance.
08 July 2024
Asia and the Pacific
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SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals
The monumental task ahead In 2017, my journey began. I, a UN Volunteer, was given a task that would span three eventful years: to support the National Institute of Statistics (INS) for the 5th General Population and Housing Census (RGPH-5). But this was not just any census. It would influence and shape national strategies and policies for many years.
18 September 2023
West and Central Africa
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SDG 3: Good health and well-being, SDG 10: Reduced inequalities, SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals
Women in South Africa give birth to 2.3 children on average translating to a population growth of 1.6 per cent. While South Africa’s fertility rate is substantially lower than those of other African countries (in Ethiopia, for example, women have an average of 4.2 children), it is also considerably higher than in countries of the Global North where most countries show rates of below two children. At the same time, teenage pregnancies are prevalent with nearly 7 per cent of 15 to 19-year old girls giving birth (in comparison, the UK rate is at just over 2 per cent).
11 July 2018
East and Southern Africa
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