Shuyi Song, International University UN Volunteer serves as Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer with UNOCHA in Indonesia.
Shuyi Song, International University UN Volunteer serves as Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer with UNOCHA in Indonesia.

Advancing UNOCHA's regional impact in climate change

Shuyi Song, International University UN Volunteer, Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer with UNOCHA in Indonesia serves under the ‘China Youth Volunteer Overseas Service Programme' made possible through a partnership between the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme and the China Youth Volunteer Association (CYVA).

In 2021, 24 Chinese youth took up UN Volunteer assignments to serve with 14 UN agencies around the world. Shuyi Song was one of them. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shuyi's scheduled on-site assignment was changed to a telecommuting opportunity.

Shuyi had an interest in volunteering from her middle school days, where she used to participate in many community and school volunteering activities. This interest expanded in her adult life as well, and she took up a six month assignment in humanitarian coordination with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA).

During her time at UNOCHA in Indonesia, Shuyi became a part of regular humanitarian country team and inter-cluster coordination group meetings. She also took the lead on UNOCHA’s regional work in climate change.

Working with colleagues from different countries around the world, Shuyi gained a deeper understanding of UNOCHA's work, volunteering services, cross-cultural communication, and social development. 

Volunteering with the United Nations has been an opportunity for me to fully understand the world, grow at a personal and professional level but most importantly, it was a way for me to bolster humanitarian work, a subject which is close to my heart."

Shuyi adds, "I always wished to work with international organizations so that I closely observe the decision-making and policy implementation in social development areas.” 

Through volunteering, I realized that the current world order needs the power and contribution of youth. We can actively participate in global governance and help more people in need, which I believe is the most meaningful thing to do right now."

Victoria Saiz-Omenaca, UNOCHA’s Head of Office in Indonesia says, “I am very pleased with Shuyi’s contribution to humanitarian work in Indonesia. She has quickly adapted to the fast-paced work environment and immersed herself in office assignments, almost immediately becoming a key member of our team. All of this happened during the difficult time of the pandemic, when we often had to work remotely. Shuyi made important contributions in the areas of humanitarian coordination, disaster preparedness and the humanitarian impact of climate crisis."

UNOCHA Indonesia is proud to share its values and principles with a young and energetic volunteer like Shuyi. We have certainly benefited from her perspective, team spirit, knowledge, and dedication.” -- Victoria Saiz-Omenaca, UNOCHA’s Head of Office in Indonesia.