The Online Volunteers designed promotional materials including a vibrant logo symbolizing sustainability and circular practices. This logo was used throughout the Green Entrepreneurship Week in Algeria.
Online Volunteers designed a vibrant logo (above photo) for Green Entrepreneurship Week.

Greening the graphics

Online Volunteers with the United Nations Development Programme Accelerator Lab took on the task of coming up with graphics to promote sustainable development in Algeria and encourage a collective reflection on environmentally friendly entrepreneurial practices.

Online Volunteers showcased their graphic design skills and represented the goals of Algeria's Green Entrepreneurship Week.

Led by an Online Volunteer from Tunisia, Samher Abbessi, the Online Volunteering team with UNDP came up with promotional materials and presentations including a vibrant logo symbolizing sustainability and circular practices. 

The logo became the visual identity of all promotional materials.

This was the Week's second edition bringing together innovators and environmental advocates to highlight the importance of a flourishing green entrepreneurial ecosystem. It was a collaborative effort between UNDP Algeria and the National Agency of Waste with objectives aimed at thinking of new ideas for Algeria's environmental initiatives.

"Online volunteering is a global reservoir of talent that transcends geographical boundaries," said Hanane Kaouane, Head of Experimentation at the Accelerator Lab, UNDP Algeria. She emphasized the potential of UNV's Online Volunteering Service as a platform for global talent.  

“Our team, composed of Online Volunteers from different corners of the globe, showcased diverse skills and talents available through this transformative platform. UNV's Online Volunteering serves as a gateway for organizations to tap into a spectrum of skills for impactful projects. Online Volunteers generously offer their support for free, gaining valuable experience and a certificate at the end of their service," shares Hanane.



Through this successful collaboration, Hanane has become an advocate of Online Volunteering, "If you possess skills that can contribute to positive change, consider applying as an Online Volunteer and become a part of this global network of changemakers.”

In 2023, more than 14,000 requests were posted for Online Volunteers by UN entities, governments and civil society organizations worldwide.

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