International Volunteer Day 2019

International Volunteer Day 2019 in Turkey

On the occassion of International Volunteer Day 2019,  UN Volunteers Turkey will​ organize a widely spread onsite events together with MoYS's “International Damla Volunteers” with different NGO’s partners in different parts of the country by highlighting the SDGs. 17+ cities are selected in line with the related SDG’s and volunteerism will be emphasized in those activities. The target audience of these activities is public which includes children, elderly citizens, disabled people etc. National News Channel will also cover the event and circulate to each news channel in Turkey.

Adana: SDG 14; Antalya: SDG 13; Bolu: SDG 7; Bursa: SDG 11; Erzincan: SDG 3; Hatay: SDG 12; Istanbul: SDG 6; Kars: SDG 2; Kiriklareli: SDG 1; Konya: SDG 5; Eskişehir: SDG 17; Nevşehir: SDG 15; Kütahya: SDG 16; Gümüşhane: SDG 10; Elazığ: SDG 4.

When: 5th of December 2019.