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UNV financial volume, Annual Report 2018.

How to support UNV financially

Our funding partners are essential for UNV to mobilize a much-needed resource: dedicated and skilled people. From the seasoned and optimistic to the young and committed, UN Volunteers share their energy and skills with nations and communities around the globe through UN entity placements. UN Volunteers are a flexible and talented resource that ensure scale, impact and sustainability in peace and development interventions, including in crisis and post-crisis situations.

When partners fund UNV’s work they can increase the visibility of their international engagement and promote people-centered development cooperation. In addition to broadening participation by supporting UN Volunteers in their field assignments, funding partners also assist UNV to uphold the value and global recognition of volunteerism. Funding UNV is possibeh throug the UNV Special Voluntary Fund and Full Funding Programme.

Special Voluntary Fund

UNV receives contributions to its Special Voluntary Fund (SVF), an open non-earmarked UNV trust fund, from a diverse set of funding partners. UNV relies on contributions from a wide range of UN Member States and other partners, as the SVF is a critical resource for UNV in carrying out its dual mandate: to advocate for volunteerism and to deploy volunteers in support of United Nations efforts to achieve peace and development results. The fund helps strengthen volunteer policy and infrastructure worldwide, with a focus on integrating volunteerism into the 2030 Agenda, and it supports research and evidence on volunteerism. 

During 2018, UN Member States contributed US $5,199,000 to the Special Voluntary Fund. Contributions were received from the governments of Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Ireland, China, India, the Czech Republic, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan and Thailand.

It is a testament to the solidarity and support for the power of volunteering that two countries from the global South with medium development (India and Bangladesh) contributed to this special fund in 2018.

UNV seeks to continue and strengthen its engagement with the current partners contributing to the SVF, as well as to increase the pool of contributing partners. Increased and predictable investments will enable UNV to further scale up and promote the impact of volunteerism and volunteers globally and in priority countries, while widening opportunities for marginalized groups through volunteering to leave no one behind.

→ UNV Special Voluntary Fund Report 2018

Full Funding Programme

The UNV Full Funding programme provides UN Volunteers an opportunity to share knowledge and gain experience volunteering with UN projects and programmes. 

Through this sponsorship of assignments, partner governments contribute to international development and peace efforts and provide volunteers invaluable experience within the UN that they share at home and abroad.

→ UNV Full Funding Programme Report 2018

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