UN Volunteers making time for nature in China

Meet Sipei, UN Volunteer with the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in Beijing, China

Video transcript:

Hi guys! I am Sipei from Beijing, I am currently a UN Volunteer in the UNDP Country Office in China.

I am serving as a Programme Assistant for ‘Accelerating the Development and Commercialization of Fuel Cell Vehicles Project’, which means that my job is to ensure climate actions, by supporting FCVs as a low carbon transportation method in China and also promoting Hydrogen as an affordable and clean energy option.

I believe things that people can do to protect the environment include:

1. Take public transport or simply drive less, you can walk or bike whenever you can.

2. When shopping for a car, look for fuel-efficient vehicles that are less polluting. These cars can help the environment while potentially saving you money on fuel costs.

However, I hope that everyone could stay healthy and safe at this special time period, stay connected, and support each other to overcome the difficulties. Sending my love from the UN compound in Beijing. See you!

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Meet Su Yilin, UN Volunteer with UNDP in Beijing, China

Video transcript:

My name is Su Yilin. I am from China and am a UN Volunteer at the UNDP China office.

I am focusing on the Water Governance Programme. Basically the projects cover four areas. They are: drinking water safety, river basin management, biodiversity conservation and rural sewage management. H

Here I communicate and coordinate with local partners for project implementation and monitoring. After years of efforts, the programme has covered over 9 provinces and 5 major river systems in China and over 1 million people have been benefited directly and indirectly within the programme.

And I believe it’s extremely important for everyone to enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment through water protection. 

And three things I would like to advocate in our daily life for sustainable development. They are reusable shopping bag, waste sorting and low-carbon travelling.

I really hope everyone, at this critical moment - stay safe, healthy and strong. This is Yilin from China.

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