UNV partnering with UNICEF

Since 1971, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme have forged a robust alliance to ensure the protection and promotion of children's rights. Over the period 2012-2022, more than 2,800 UN Volunteers dedicated their service to UNICEF, actively supporting the organization's mission to advocate for children's rights, address their fundamental needs and create opportunities for them to thrive and fulfill their potential.

How does the recruitment of UN Volunteers add value to UNICEF?

UN Volunteers are a valuable and dynamic resource for UN partners, including UNICEF, driving forward development, peace, and humanitarian efforts. With a pool of over 350,000 talented and qualified individuals, UNV provides a swift and diverse talent solution to support the delivery of UNICEF's programmes and advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Through the inclusive nature of volunteerism, UN Volunteers play a crucial role in realizing UNICEF's vision of a world where every child's rights are protected and fulfilled. They contribute to child survival and development, promote access to quality education, advocate for gender equality, combat HIV/AIDS and ensure child protection.

Engaged in various capacities, UN Volunteers actively reach out to children, caregivers and communities to promote improved nutrition and health, analyze vital data and participate in policy dialogue. Discover more about the impact of UN Volunteers serving with UNICEF below.

UN Volunteers are talented and experienced personnel available to support UNICEF’s mandate. In 2022, 83 per cent of UN Volunteers originated from the global South, bringing with them a deep understanding of local development challenges and cultural contexts. This diverse pool of volunteers plays a vital role in strengthening the effectiveness, sustainability and inclusivity of development initiatives, fostering active participation and promoting local ownership. By leveraging the knowledge and perspectives of UN Volunteers, UNICEF can amplify its impact and create lasting positive change.

UN Volunteers with UNICEF, 2012-2022
The highest numbers of UN Volunteers with UNICEF, 2012-2022, served in Mexico (190), Jordan (114), Colombia (104), Sudan (100), Ecuador (94), Madagascar (86), Bangladesh (85), Indonesia (77) and Bolivia (73).

How can your office recruit UN Volunteers?

UNV offers different categories of UN Volunteers to suit the needs of UN partners, such as international and national specialists, youth, experts, community or online volunteers. Volunteers can serve from two weeks to four years, depending on the category of volunteer. UNV manages all contractual, legal and management aspects to help minimize the administrative impacts for the host organization.

To partner with UNV and recruit UN Volunteers to support UNICEF’s programmes and operations, contact the UNV Field Representation or Regional Office for guidance and support.

Making a difference with UNICEF
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Poonam Kashyap (standing, right) UN Volunteer Social and Behaviour Change Communications Officer with UNICEF India at a community outreach to raise awareness of child marriage in Maharashtra.
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Asia and the Pacific
10 June 2024
National UN Volunteers support UNICEF immunization efforts in Nepal. In this photo, Ashok Kumar Joshi (left), Social Behavior Change Officer, Aarati Poudel (right), Cold Chain Specialist and Reshu Kuskusmia (middle), Health Data and Information Technician.
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Asia and the Pacific
22 April 2024
Dr. Abubakar Kampo (in striped shirt) UNICEF Country Representative in Ethiopia during a field visit.
Dr. Nway Eint Chei (left), a national UN Volunteer-Immunization Officer with UNICEF Myanmar conducts human-centered design field assessment with local communities in Myanmar.
Marharyta Starynets, Online Volunteer with UNICEF Romania uses special software that helps social listening across various social media platforms.
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