Abdel Madjid Guilda (in yellow) in a consultation session with the farmers of Ngalamia, an island village in the Lake region.
Abdel Madjid Guilda (in yellow) in a consultation session with the farmers of Ngalamia, an island village in the Lake region.

Contributing to the fabric of communities in Lake Chad Basin

Launched in Chad in 2019, Regional Stabilization Facility also known as Fenêtre Nationale de Stabilisation, brings together 19 UN Volunteers to serve in human security, livelihood, rule of law, and challenges of governance in the Boko Haram affected areas of the Lake Chad Basin region.

This project includes an effective blend of volunteer involving strategies with community volunteers, and national and international UN Volunteers. 

Fifteen community volunteers are from the Hadjer Lamis and Lake Chad provinces. Their deep knowledge of local dynamics coupled with their ability to inspire community members yields successful results on the ground. Through their service, internally displaced families are able to access training and funding for income-generating activities. This has brought hope and a sense of pride to the communities. 

In addition to community volunteers, national UN Volunteers from Chad, and international UN Volunteers from Congo, Cameroon, and Nigeria are also part of the project. UN Volunteers have expertise in computer graphics, videography, communication and gender. They manage funds and ensure that gender parity is reflected at every stage. 

Lake Province in the Lake Chad Basin region is considered a red zone, where attacks are common and the level of insecurity is high.

Blerta Cela, Director of the Regional Stabilization Facility highlights the positive contribution of volunteers in the International Volunteer Day 2022 video message. She especially acknowledges the risks involved in the service of UN Volunteers in the area.

You are helping to return peace, dignity and hope to the lives of many in the Sahel. You are contributing to the economic and social fabric of the communities. To the construction of various social and economic infrastructure, whether its schools, clinics, marketplaces. All of these are helping many people return to the area." she says.


Djamila Meiriga, is a UN Volunteer Specialist in Administration and Finance. She was serving with UNDP Cameroon when she came across this project. Memsol Nadjiyenan, a national UN Youth Volunteer Communications Analyst is based in Massakory in Hadjer Lamis. Like Djamila, Memsol is also proud of serving as a UN Volunteer and having a constructive impact. 

Memsol Nadjiyenan, national UN Youth Volunteer Communications Analyst takes photos at Baltram (Lake Province) during the visit of Blerta Cela, Director of the Regional Stabilization Facility. @ UNV Chad, 2022. 


The contribution of UN Volunteers is essential to our project. UN Volunteers are more concerned with what they can contribute rather than what they can gain." -- Charles Mback Nach, Project Coordinator. 

The work in peace and development must go on. And even in this challenging environment, UN Volunteers continue to operate and move forward to bring hope in the lives of local communities.