UNV Annual Report 2016

UNV Annual Report 2016, "Volunteer Solutions for Sustainable Development," is structured around the themes planet, prosperity, people, peace and partnerships. Each section showcases our delivery in partnership with the United Nations, UN Member States and civil society, and through our valued UN Volunteers.

Following the words of UNV's Executive Coordinator, Mr. Olivier Adam:

For UNV, 2016 was a year of consolidation. We worked to further enhance the capacity of our partners to deliver at community level, responding to the call of the Agenda 2030 to 'leave no one behind'. Last year saw a further decrease in our UN Volunteer numbers, largely attributed to the closing of peacekeeping missions, where UN Volunteers comprise a third of civilian personnel. Looking forward, we will pursue diversification of our partners, as well as revitalization of longstanding relationships.

At UNV, our comparative advantage is our capacity to mobilize a rich diversity of UN Volunteers in over 100 professional areas. During 2016, 6,600 UN Volunteers delivered on site and 12,600 Online Volunteers completed 23,700 virtual assignments.

Downloads in PDF:

- Annex: Statistical and financial information

- Annex: Special Voluntary Fund Report

Annex: Full Funding Report