UNV Special Voluntary Fund Multi-Year Report 2009-2013

One of the important sources of funding enabling UNV to fulfil this unique role is the Special Voluntary Fund. The fund is replenished by voluntary contributions of donor countries and, to a limited extent, organizations.

The Special Voluntary Fund (SVF) is the second most important source of funding for UNV. Projects and programmes around the globe benefit from the generosity of donors who entrust their voluntary contributions to UNV and leave the allocation of these substantial funds at the discretion of our organization. We are keenly aware of the responsibility conferred on us by the willingness of UN Member States and other donors to support our work.

Therefore, we spare no effort to ensure that this money is put to the best possible use to further our common aim of supporting sustainable development through the promotion of volunteerism. Moreover, we will take accountability and quality assurance to a new level as UNV embarks on implementation of the new Strategic Framework 2014-2017, with its evidence-based approach and reinforced emphasis on results-based management.

This report testifies to the commitment, creativity and spirit of innovation characteristic of SVFfunded initiatives. The projects/programmes featured in the report also underscore the vital role played by UNV and UN Volunteers in supporting the work of the United Nations delivering as one to maximize impact. Clearly, there is considerable merit in mainstreaming the concept of volunteerism in the United Nations system.

However, there remains room for improvement. The overall ratio of expenditure to budget is still not fully satisfactory. Moreover, it is becoming apparent that the role of UN Volunteers does not and should not always end when a project comes to a close. Rather, in many cases implementing partners request continued volunteer involvement following the conclusion of a given project, which is often vital to sustaining the achievements.