Strategic guidance for UN Volunteer mobilization

In this space, you will find general resources about UNV to directly support your mobilization efforts, including key messaging about UNV and the relevance of volunteerism to the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as facts and figures.

General resources 



These resources are intended to aid your usage of UNV templates, photos and imagery, and your development of UNV results reporting and partnerships content.

  • Our branding tools: a set of templates, graphics, digital assets and other corporate documentation
  • Posters: for your events, or to decorate your regional offices, featuring UNV and the SDGs (InDesign files provided upon request)
  • Infographic Guidelines: explaining our approach to infographics, including colours and capturing our diversity (sample Illustrator files provided upon request)
  • Social media guidelines: outlining how to make the most of social media, and what not to do
  • ERCS Standard Operating Procedures:  SOPs for partnerships and SOPs for communications

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