Our brand tools

Each one of us is an ambassador of UNV. From a conversation you may have at an individual level to a panel discussion or mission on behalf of our organization, we all have the reputation and success of UNV in our hands. The brand tools available in this page are designed to help you convey UNV consistently. When we all have a common and more consistent voice, we collectively reinforce and strengthen our mission at every opportunity.

The Brand Book gives us direction on how we talk to our partners about UNV. You may want to use it along with this presentation of the new value-added statements which explains the importance and diversity of what we offer to the UN system and external partners.

Our Brand Guidelines is a 'how-to' document with details of our visual identity system, layouts, styles and best practice to create strong, consistent materials.

Additionally, we provide a set of logo files, fonts, digital assets, templates and other documentation (continuously updated and some available in our three official languages) to support the simple and efficient implementation of our brand materials. And most importantly, your focal points from the Communications Team at UNV Headquarters, whether you are just down the hall in Bonn or in a Field Unit, Mission or Regional Office far away, are ready to answer your questions and assist in making the brand work for you. A number of questions have been sorted out in this FAQ.

Let's roll it out!



On top of the information contained in our Brand Guidelines, one annex has been created: the guidelines "How to print in the right colour."

Below you can find our logo in the six UN official languages. Each box contains a compressed package (.ZIP) with the logo in both positive and negative versions for print (.EPS) and screen (.JPG and .PNG). A further version with an editable label for the country office is also included -please make sure you have installed the font Desyrel (see "Our fonts" below) to change the template with your country name. We strongly recommend you to use the .EPS format for printing materials and the others for digital communications. Please remember that .PNG format allows you to place the logo over a picture or colour, since it has a transparent background. Our tagline is also in the six UN official languages, stacked and inline, in both positive and negative versions for print (.EPS) and screen(.JPG and .PNG).






Though our primary typeface for Word documents is Arial, we are using Montserrat for print materials such as roll-up banners or business cards, and Proxima Nova for any web application. Finally, we use Desyrel to add an emotional element to our materials, particularly the tagline. While Arial is installed in your computer by default, you can download Montserrat and Desyrel in the boxes below. As Proxima Nova is a premium font, in case you are developing a new website or web-based application, please contact your communications focal point at UNV Headquarters to provide you with a license.


A note on the email signature: in order to ensure a correct use of the new signature, first download and extract the .ZIP file in the corresponding box below. Then open the .HTML file of your preference (English, French or Spanish, UNV or co-branded with UNDP) in your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer), select and copy the whole thing from the browser (Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C), and then past it into the signature box in Outlook (for Outlook 2016 the path is File/Options/Mail/Signatures.) If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact your communications focal point at UNV Headquarters.

A note on social media: please contact your focal point at UNV Headquarters to provide you with country-specific avatars for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube. Please take into account that these avatars are specific for each social media platform, and should not be used for other purposes. If you need the corporate logo with your country label below, please refer to the section above ("UNV LOGO and UNV TAGLINE".)