UNV and Japan: partnering on Human Resource Development for Peacebuilding and Development

UNV and Japan: partnering on Human Resource Development for Peacebuilding and Development

Japan is among the top seven funding partners of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme. The Government of Japan and UNV have entered a partnership for COVID-19 impact reduction, which will deploy 15 fully funded UN Volunteer Specialists from Japan in support of COVID-19 pandemic response efforts.

The Global Human Resource Development Programme for Peacebuilding and Development (HRD Programme) is a joint partnership between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the Hiroshima Peacebuilders Center and UNV. It was established in 2007, is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The HRD Programme aims to advance the reach and impact of volunteerism through the strategic deployment of skilled individuals to UN agencies engaged in peacebuilding and development.

Working alongside national counterparts, UN Volunteers with the HRD Programme contribute to empowering women, youth and marginalized groups, build trust among local communities involved in some of the world’s most fragile peace processes, and work at regional and national levels to improve UN coordination.

UN Volunteers contribute to sustainable development and often gain transformational experience when on assignment, learning about other cultures and learning about themselves. I appreciate the UN Volunteers serving through the HRD Programme, and Japan for its contribution in upholding the value of volunteerism and giving young professionals such unique opportunities as UN Volunteers. --Olivier Adam, Executive Coordinator, UNV

Promoting volunteerism is a key aspect of the sustainable contribution that these volunteers make around the world. They provide a model for how volunteerism can propel individuals and communities from being the passive recipients of assistance to becoming the drivers of their own peace, reconciliation and development processes.

Learn more about the experiences of our UN Volunteers with the HRD programme here:

→ Harnessing the power of volunteering to support youth civil engagement and employment (Shoko Nakatomi, UN Volunteer Youth and Adolescent Development Officer, Jordan)

→ Improving the lives of 250,000 refugees through WASH interventions in Uganda (Yuji Kawai, UN Volunteer WASH Project Officer, Uganda)

→ Enhancing humanitarian effectiveness through better knowledge management in Sudan (Tasuku Matsumura, UN Volunteer Humanitarian Policy Officer, Sudan)

Supporting Disaster and Emergency Preparedness and Response capacity in Myanmar (Makato Sasakawa, UN Volunteer Supply Chain Officer, Myanmar)

→ Responding to the needs of refugees in the West Bank, State of Palestine (Takuma Haga, UN Volunteer Programme Support Officer, State of Palestine)

→ Investing in quality early learning programmes is vital for change in Ethiopia (Kosumo Shiraishi, UN Volunteer Education Officer, Ethiopia)

UN Volunteer advances new technologies for food security in Eastern Africa (Takako Kaneda, UN Volunteer Associate Logistics Officer, Kenya)

Supporting the path to peace, prosperity and democracy with UNDP in Myanmar (Sho Matsumura, UN Volunteer Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Officer, Myanmar)

→ Building capacity for sustainable peace in Malawi (Ai Morita, UN Volunteer Peace & Development Specialist, Malawi) 

→ Promoting quality and inclusive education through communication and connection in Kenya (Asako Ikegami, UN Volunteer Education Project Officer with UNESCO, Kenya)

→ Driving better humanitarian outcomes through communication and coordination in Sudan (Sachiyo Miwa, UN Volunteer Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer with OCHA, Sudan

→ UN Volunteer leads child protection and emergency response for UNICEF in the aftermath of Sierra Leone disaster (Yuichiro Yamamoto, UN Volunteer Programme Officer in Peacebuilding, Child Protection Section with UNICEF, Sierra Leone)

For further information about the Global Programme for Human Resource Development for Peacebuilding, kindly refer to the below reports:

Global Peacebuilders Programme 2016-2017

Global Peacebuilders Programme 2015-2016

HRD 2014-2015 report

The successful implementation of the HRD Programme hinges upon the joint collaboration of many colleagues from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, UNV headquarters, our Tokyo Liaison Office and UNV Field Units.