Ruplal Aidi (Nepal), UN Volunteer Human Rights Officer with the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL)
Ruplal Aidi (Nepal) is a UN Volunteer Human Rights Officer with the United Nations Mission in Liberia. (UNV, 2016)

Building a society that respects human rights

My experience as a volunteer has made me realize that equality and non-discrimination – cross-cutting human rights – should be upheld and applied by everyone, regardless of their area of work, to make a difference in their communities.

As a UN Volunteer Human Rights Officer with the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), I am engaged in monitoring, investigating and reporting human rights violations and abuses, as well as building capacity of civil society partners and state authorities. 

Aside from monitoring detention centres, prisons and police cells, I am engaged in the creation of local human rights networks, and I help them develop their capacity in monitoring and advocacy to build a society that respects human rights with dignity, mutual understanding and peaceful dialogue.

I am a seasoned trainer who has conducted capacity-building sessions for a variety of beneficiaries, including the Liberian National Police, civil society organizations and Government agencies.

I also lead the Field Office in Liberia to mainstream gender, promote activities to improve the welfare of women and children, and create awareness on the need to eradicate Sexual and Gender Based Violence.

I believe my work as a UN Volunteer has contributed to strengthening the coordination and information sharing between human rights institutions and other partners working in the country, including UN agencies and international NGOs that are crucial for human rights promotion and protection.

Civil society organizations are actively engaged in human rights monitoring and advocacy to increase accountability, transparency and respect for the rule of law, which drives me to constantly engage with civil society and government partners for the promotion of human rights in the country.

In one particular case, I engaged and mobilized local human rights defenders to rescue a woman who was accused of practicing witchcraft in a rural community. Her freedom of movement, freedom of expression, right to medical treatment and access to justice were violated. As a result of my engagement with local actors, she was able to access medical treatment and her right to life was secured.