Meriana Megasari, an International UNV working as the Compound Manager at Kakuma Refugee Camp with the Camp Supervisor
Meriana Megasari, an International UNV working as the Compound Manager at Kakuma Refugee Camp with the Camp Supervisor

Contact your host entity for the best possible start!

To prepare for your assignment, we suggest that you have a discussion with your supervisor or team member to:

Gain clarity on your role and responsibilities - tasks you will be expected to perform.

Understand learning and training opportunities during the assignment (formal and informal).

Understand the organizational culture, work environment and relationships with colleagues.

Ask to be introduced to a "buddy" in your team to facilitate your onboarding.

Confirm your expected entry on duty date.

Developing a positive relationship with your supervisor is key for you to master your role, and to learn, grow, and perform at your best during your UN Volunteer assignment.

We recommend that you establish a briefing session with your supervisor prior to departure to start developing the relationship and support your professional development during the assignment.

Allowances to get your started and settled-in

Once you complete the pre-deployment requirements, UNV will transfer start-of-assignment allowances to the bank account you provided.

This includes an Entry Lump Sum Allowance and a lump sum assignment travel allowance if you are traveling (ref. offer letter for more details).

You will initially receive the first half of your Entry Lump Sum Allowance (USD 2000). The other half will be paid in your first payroll after you begin your assignment.

This process may take up to 10 business days. Please carry your Entry Lump Sum Allowance to your duty station to pay for your accommodation and utilities upon arrival.

Inform UNV and host entity of your travel plans

Your contact person will provide you with a lump sum payment for your airfare to the duty station. You are expected to buy your own air ticket(s) with this payment unless advised otherwise by your contact person.

Your contact person will confirm your expected travel date. Do not purchase your ticket until this is confirmed.

Once you have arranged a travel date, complete the ‘Confirm travel’ task in UVP.

If you do not need to travel (you are already at the duty station), choose the ‘Travel not needed’ option. You will not receive a travel lump sum payment.

Email a copy of your confirmed E-ticket to your host agency focal person for arrival logistics, cc. UNV contact person.

We advise you to compare arrival dates, prices, airlines, and routing before you buy a ticket. Do not begin your travel until you have secured all required visas, including transit visas or you have confirmation that visas are available or will be issued upon arrival.