Indonesian older population become increasingly vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. UN Volunteers ensured everyone received proper healthcare as a part of the humanitarian response in Lebak, Banten (UNV, 2019).
Indonesian older population become increasingly vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. UN Volunteers ensured everyone received proper healthcare as a part of the humanitarian response in Lebak, Banten (UNV, 2019).
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Your first week(s)

The first days and weeks of your assignment can shape your entire experience. What should you do next? Use the arrival guidance below to organize your orientation and cover all items.

1. Schedule recurring meetings with your Supervisor 

Use these to develop your workplan and get guidance and feedback on your deliverables. Also, gain access to host entity learning and other resources to facilitate your work and performance.  

Here are some suggested topics to cover during your discussions:

2. Find an accommodation for your stay

UN Volunteers are primarily responsible for securing a permanent accommodation cleared by United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS). 

The Host Entity and/or UNV Field Unit (if present) could assist you by providing you contacts of real-estate agents, internal announcement boards, and social media groups. 

Some real-estate agents may charge you a fee and you should ask at the beginning.

Seek advice from your colleagues and UNV buddies.

3. Open a local bank account

Open local bank account to access funds at your duty station.

If you wish to, you could also open a bank account with UNFCU. Contact them directly once you are at the duty station.

Update your bank information in UVP. You may split allowance payments between two accounts if needed.

Bank information entered in UVP will be processed by our office (GSSU) in Kuala Lumpur. They will contact you if clarification is required.  

INFO: Ensure all information is accurate as an error will delay payment of your entitlements.

4. Get your medical insurance details

All UN Volunteers are medically covered by Cigna Health Benefits. Upon entry on duty, Cigna will automatically enrol you for coverage.

Your Cigna online account credentials and downloadable ID card will be sent directly by the insurance provider via email. Subsequently, Cigna will send the physical ID card directly to the UNDP Country Office/UNV Field Unit via post.

You may also contact Cigna directly at the following email addresses:

  • International UN Volunteers:
  • National UN Volunteers:
5. Complete your UNV e-learning modules

Complete the 2 online modules on Conditions of Service for UN Volunteers, if you haven’t already, so that you are aware of: 

  • what to expect during your volunteer assignment and know where to turn to in case you need advice or support when you face challenging situations.

Serving as a UN Volunteer course

  • how best to manage changes to your role and responsibilities, or contract, during and at the end of your volunteer assignment.

Managing your Transition

6. Complete UNV core courses

Complete the 4 UNV core eLearning courses if not already done. You have 3 months after arrival to do so. Else, risk losing access to UNV learning programmes.

Volunteering for the Sustainable Development Goals course

Know your Obligations and Rights as a UN Volunteer course

Ethics and Integrity as UN Volunteer course

Cultural awareness and working in cross-cultural environments course

Keep certificates of completion for record and spot check.

You must add completion of these courses to your UVP profile under “Other Qualifications, short courses and trainings”.
7. Complete your inventory list of personal belongings

International UN Volunteers will be entitled to reasonable compensation if their personal effects are lost or damaged as a direct result of an emergency situation created by war, civil commotion or natural disaster.

You must complete this inventory in UVP by accessing it from your assignment detail page, or by completing the task on the dashboard.
8. Update your official contact details – its mandatory

You will receive your official email address from the host entity within the first weeks of your arrival. This email address will be added to the UNV mailing group.

Update your:
  • official contact details on your profile in UVP including email, telephone number, and local home address.
  • profile information on UNDSS TRIP including local contact information for emergencies and supply your actual UN email account. 

If you do not, risk delays and/or non-receipt of official communication from UNV on your assignment related queries and allowance, as well as support during emergencies.