Report: Volunteerism and youth employment in Cambodia

The report “Volunteerism and youth employment in Cambodia” aims to explore ways to leverage volunteerism as an essential mechanism for skills development amongst youth.

The report includes examples of how empowered Cambodian youth make a difference in their communities. It presents volunteering models that helped Cambodia recover from the decades of war and contributed to the country’s development, some of which can be replicated across the world.

According to the results presented in the report, volunteer programmes in Cambodia have made a difference in reducing poverty, eradicating illiteracy, improving health, promoting gender equality, and protecting human rights and the environment.

The report also puts forward some recommendations to make the most of volunteers and volunteerism in Cambodia, including greater investment in human and financial resources to create opportunities for volunteers and to develop their skills, the inclusion of volunteerism in the civic education curriculum, further integration of volunteerism into Cambodia’s national development plans and more engagement with local volunteers to reach the most vulnerable, particularly in remote rural areas.