UNV Annual Report 2014: Inspiration in Volunteer Action

The UNV Annual Report 2014: Inspiration in Volunteer Action highlights outstanding achievements realized in 2014 through the tireless efforts of UN Volunteers worldwide.

In 2014, UN Volunteers were at the forefront of development efforts and crisis response around the world. In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, UNDP and other UN partners engaged UN Volunteers to support emergency relief efforts and resilience projects in hard-hit communities.

Thanks to UNV’s extensive database of technical expertise, the UN was able to rapidly deploy skilled UN Volunteers in the areas where they were most needed.

Moreover, in 2014, UNV deployed 6,325 UN Volunteers in support of the development and peace interventions of UN and other partners. These UN Volunteers came from 155 countries, and 81 per cent were from countries of the South. Some 1,190 were below 29 years of age, and 249 were deployed under the new youth volunteer modality.

This report captures some key contributions UN Volunteers made in 121 countries around the world.

Read entire Annual Report online here.

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